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Becoming Unstoppable - Success Secrets of a Four Time Olympian

Ruben’s story of his quest for the Olympics gives people hope and strength. His inspiring story moves people to commitment and action. The audience will learn how to build confidence and destroy fear, how to unleash their passion and drive, how to unlock their full potential, how to turn defeat into victory, and how to achieve their personal or professional ambitions. Human Nature (fear of failure and fear of the unknown) is what holds most people back. Ruben will teach your people how to overcome human nature by using proven methods and techniques that will help your people develop a winning mindset. This program is perfect for a group facing change, challenges or set-backs to overcome. Your audience will learn how to become resilient and how to become unstoppable on the way to the top. 

Learning objectives:

  • How to condition their minds for success.

  • How to become unstoppable in the face of challenges.

  • How to take their commitment to a higher level.

  • How to become confident and laser focused.

  • How to become better leaders.

Floating On Top

Becoming a CMP was not easy and sometimes people take your expertise for granted. In this powerful session, you are reminded of why the role of the CMP is so important. This course combines management of staff, stakeholder and volunteer expectations alongside self gratitude. 

Learning objectives:

  • How to implement daily reminders that reinforce their committment to keeping a high morale staff.
  • How to effectively communicate when the going gets tough with staff.
  • Why the "I Told You So" moments are OK in the staff learning curve.

My Story

This is the story of the personal strategic planning that it took to work and attaing the CMP. 

Learning objectives:

  • How to identify key ideas and details that are specific to their niche.
  • Identify the steps involved in making their plans towards their end goal.
  • How to lock goals in a range for success versus a pinpoint for failure.

From Behind The Scenes to the Stage

As meeting planners we are constantly tasked with producing meetings and events that don't always match the goals and objectives of the organizations we represent. But how do we ensure we are being heard when we are not the ones delivering the content? How do we showcase our expertise and establish buyin from senior management? 

Learning objectives:

  • At the end of this session, planners will have a strategy to showcase their knowledge and reinforce the goals and objectives of a meeting to ensure its success. 

What's Your EQ?

Have you ever day dreamed about starting your own business but wondered if you have what it takes?  Attend this talk to discover your Entrepreneurial Quotient (EQ) to help you decide if the entrepreneurial lifestyle is right for you.

During this talk you will take a quick quiz to asses your EQ and the presenter will discuss the qualities needed to run a successful business. 

Learning objectives:

  • Self analyze entrepreneurial aptitude and desire.
  • Identify the strengths, skill-sets, and personality traits that define successful entrepreneurs. 
  • Determine if a entrepreneurial lifestyle is in your future. 

Romper Room Rules For Young (and Older) Meeting Professionals

Good " Doobies" unite! Romper Room taught several genereations how to behave, play, communicate effectively  with others and  have fun. Join veteran planner and retired college professor Carol Krugman as she applies Romper Room Rules to career counseling for 21st century meeting professionals. 

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the paradigm shift in entry level preparation for a career in the the meetings industry.
  • List the three critical knowledge areas required for ongoing success as a meeting professional.
  • Apply the " 5 Do Bees" in daily practice.

The 5 Reasons People Fear Elephants and Donkeys

Research shows that the number one reason people do not participate in advocacy activities or engage with their elected officials is fear. Recognizing these 5 fears goes a long way to overcome them, generating the motivation you need to drive influence for the causes you care about.

Sustainability and the Events Industry: What's next

As event professionals, we have an opportunity, or perhaps more accurately, an obligation, to make a meaningful impact on our participants, organisations and stakeholders. And we do. Our industry, whose economic impact was recently valued at over a trillion USD, is moving industries forward, creating environments where collaboration on world-changing solutions happens and has touched the lives of more than 1.4 billion participants across more than 180 countries. As we raise our industry's impact, let's also enhance the natural environment, communities, and thriving economies through the implementation of the Sustainable Event Principles and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

What’s the ROI of You?

In a world that values someone’s work performance by how much they effect the bottom line—how are you being perceived? What is your value? Do they know?... Do you know?