Service Project: Holiday Goody Bag Stuffing

Sunday, 18 November | 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m

We are calling all CMPs to join Events Industry Council in our collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of Alabama! Children’s of Alabama is a private, not-for-profit hospital, providing treatment to children- regardless of their family’s ability to pay. The hospital is one of the 10 busiest pediatric hospitals in the nations, caring for over 600,000 children each year. The Child Life Program at Children’s of Alabama work with the mission of meeting the needs of the children and teens – offering comfort and distractions to the patients and family members during their hospital visit/stay.

Through donations, The Child Life Program is able to keep well-stocked activity rooms and provide individual activities for patients at bedside. Below is a wish list of favored items. Please consider donating some of the following items for our Conclave CSR project:

Arts & Crafts Supplies

♦ Crayons * Family Services goes through approximately 4000 crayons a week
♦ Markers
♦ Colored Pencils
♦ Glue
♦ Scrapbooking Materials
♦ Coloring Books (children and adult)
♦ Canvases
♦ Paint brushes
♦ Acrylic Paint
♦ Play-Doh * Both fun and helpful with rehabilitation
♦ Jewelry Kits

Items for all Ages

♦ Bubbles
♦ Fidget Spinner
♦ Fidget Cube
♦ Lego Kits
♦ Flash cards
♦ Playing cards
♦ Puzzles
♦ Sensory balls
♦ Crossword puzzles/activity books



♦ Touch and feel (sensory)
♦ English and Spanish versions
♦ I-Spy/Look and find books
♦ Dr.Seuss books
♦ Harry Potter series
♦ I can Read series


*Items not on the wish list are accepted. 

*Any items that cannot be placed in a goody bag, will be donated directly to the hospital.